Types Of Bird's Nest

  • Types Of Bird's Nest
  • Types Of Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest Category

The Edible Bird Nests are categorized into 2 types:

  • Cave Bird's Nest
  • House Bird's Nest

The Cave Bird's Nest

  • Built by swiftlets in caves and it absorbs minerals from the cave.
  • Yellowish in color.
  • Much more solid compared to the House Bird Nest and does not break easily.
  • Contains more impurities thus require longer time to clean.
  • More delicious and can be stewed for longer hours.

The House Bird's Nest

  • Built in swift hourses and used by swiftlets for breeding purposes.
  • Nests are cared by the Swift Farmers and will be harvested once the young swiftlets leave the nest.
  • Whitish in color.
  • Higher in quality and has lesser impurities.
  • Easily break and will dissolve into water after stewing for long time. (Stew 30-45 minutes for excellent taste.)

These are the two main categories for bird's nest. However, it can also be further classified based on other elements such as edibility, features, quality, colour and etc.
To find out more about the types of bird's nest, view the image below: