Bird's Nest Cleaning Service

  • Bird's Nest Cleaning Service
  • Bird's Nest Cleaning Service

Bird's Nest Cleaning Steps

Once the bird nests are harvested and graded, they will be sent to the factory for cleaning purposes. The bird nest cleaning process are separated into 2 stages.

The first stage cleaning is done manually whereby our bird nest experts will pick out the impurities (feathers, leaves, etc) thoroughly before it is processed. However, this cleaning process varies depending on the type of bird nest. The White Nest cleaning are less tedious as it has lesser impurities while the Black Nest cleaning will require more thorough cleaning as it contains more impurities as well as feathers.

Our Semi-Automatic Bird's Nest Cleaning System

Thorough cleaning is usually skipped when it comes to White Nest cleaning. Due to the lack of impurities, the bird nest cleaning process usually involves picking off impurities only and more time are spend on reshaping the bird nest. This is because the White Nest can usually be sold for a higher price due to its cleanliness, thus more time are spend on reshaping the nest so that it appeals to the customers.

The White Nest Cleaning Process

These nests are usually more dirty as it contains more impurities and feathers (usually Feather Nest). Due to the amount of existing impurities, thorough cleaning is needed to ensure that the nest is safe for consumption. In order to easily remove the feathers and impurities, the nest will be soaked in water so that it will expand and thus appears to be loosen. Once the bird nest loosen, it will be much easier to pick out the feather/impurities stuck between or inside the nest. After the impurities are cleaned, the bird nests will be shaped accordingly before it is sold.

The second stage cleaning process is much more in depth as we utilize the self developed LTHP Technology to sterilize the bottled/canned bird nest before it is put on shelf. The LTHP Technology utilized a no high-temperature, but high pressure sterilization process and it is 100% free from chemical production while preserving the bird nest’s nutrients.

During the sterilization process, a sudden temperature hike from 8°C to 80°C will make it difficult for the existing bacteria to adapt and thus will eliminate the bacteria from the product. The entire process takes up only 5 minutes and it is done twice to ensure that the bacteria are wholly eliminated.

The Black Nest Cleaning Process