How To Stew Bird's Nest

How To Stew Bird's Nest

Cooking Method

In order to enjoy a bowl of delicious bird nest soup, you’ll need to follow the recipe carefully in order to avoid your bird nest being overcooked.

Soaking the Bird Nest

1. Place your bird nest in a bowl of cooked water. (Make sure your bowl is big enough when the bird nests expand).

2. Leave the bird nest to soak for 2~4 Hours.

Stewing the Bird Nest!

Recipe 1: Follow this recipe if you own a Double Boiler

1. Fill the external pot with water however make sure it does not exceed half the height of the internal pot.

2. Place the soaked Bird Nest into the Internal Pot.

3. Add water into the internal pot. (Water measurement is based on the amount of bird nest inserted. 1 bowl for 1 bird nest)

4. Add extra ingredients for additional flavour (Example: Rock sugar to add sweetness to the soup)

5. Boil the soup for 2~3 hours.

6. Pour the Bird Nest Soup into a bowl and it’s ready to be served.

Recipe 2: Follow this recipe to easily stew your Bird Nest Soup

1. Boil the cleaned and soaked bird nests twice. (Simmer the bird nest in a pot of boil water in slow heat for 5 minutes, twice)

2. Place the bird nest in the pot and add water into the pot.

3. Add additional ingredients based on your preference. (For example, Rock Sugar, Pandan Leaves, etc)

4. Boil and simmer the bird nest soup in slow heat until it is soft. (Takes up to 2 hours)

5. Place the soup in a bowl and serve the soup hot.

*Take Note:

1. For more serving, you can boil with more water, however make sure it does not exceed 70% of the height of the stew pot.

2. Direct boiling of the bird nest might destroy its nutritional values hence the double boiling method are highly recommended to avoid destroying any nutrients in the bird nest.

3. Avoid cooking for too long as the bird nest might dissolve into fluid.

4. Always use slow heat to boil as high heat may cause damage to the bird nest.