Supply Instant Bottled Bird's Nest (OEM)

Supply Instant Bottled Bird's Nest (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Processing of bird nest into instant edible bird nest may seem to be a hassle for some, hence, we too supply instant bottled bird nest (OEM) to distributors who do not wish to go through such tedious process.

We currently have more than 100 flavors of Bottled Bird Nest that our client can choose from and we also supply various types of food products that are uniquely made from bird nests. Rest assured that all our items are charged according to factory costs with no additional cost charges.

Instant Bird’s Nest Desserts

To prepare a bowl of bird’s nest delicacies, it took at least 2- 3 hours. With our instant Bird’s Nest Dessert, it just took 2 minutes. Recommended for restaurants. It can be serves cold and hot.