Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

“Cultivate Natural Beauty and Health

Sky Food Garden operates on 3 principles: “Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness” to ensure that our products and services greatly surpasses those of our competitors and to exceed our customers expectations.

  • Quality: Our team of experts pledged to provide premium quality products and services to our customers; and to achieve this, ample researches and nurturing efforts are done to ensure that our clients are satisfied.
  • Innovation: Not only are our Bird Nest prepared prudently, they are also manufactured into various delicious delicacies that can be consumed instantly. Our raw-cleaned edible bird nest are also prepared in various tastes and sizes while retaining its essential nutrients and freshness.
  • Competitiveness: We supply premium quality Bird Nests coupled with reasonable and affordable prices to ensure that everyone regardless of their status can enjoy this luxurious delicacy. We also have more choices when it comes to Bird Nest-based food products compared to our competitors due to our ever innovative efforts.

To make SKY a household name in every family around the world and its products available in every corner of the earth so that the natural and nutritional goodness of our products can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Mission

  • We strives to educate the goodness of bird’s nest to all consumers and the various preparation methods of bird’s nest for consumption.
  • We strives to purchase and produce the best quality bird’s nest that is high in nutritional value and safe for consumption by every consumer.
  • We strives to provide the best customers’ service to all consumers by understanding and meeting the needs of the consumers.
  • We strives to ensure reasonable and affordable prices of our products to all consumers without compromising on the quality of our products.