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Welcome to Sky Food Garden

We provide corporate brand design, packaging design, supply a wide ranges of products like bottled bird nest, wild honey, abalone, bird nest recipes within one-stop service.

The ultimate aim of Sky Food Garden Sdn Bhd is to provide:

  • Absolutely fresh, no added preservative, food stabliser.
  • Absolute value for money, without any additional costs, direct factory cost.
  • Absolute goodwill and unconditional to provide relevant information and answer related questions.

Sky Food Garden Sdn Bhd will continue to move forward and enhance the level of all aspects of R & D is a wider range of health foods, and develop into a broader overseas markets. We sincerely want to bring this precious health care products to everyone and your family a healthier life and radiant beauty.

Sky Food Garden Sdn Bhd is located in Melaka, Malaysia. We specialize in production and supply of edible bird nest and other health products to oversea markets. We adhere to integrity approach to business, from procurement to packaging within an entity under a strong foundation.

Our exclusive development of new LTHP technology, no high-temperature sterilization but to a sterilization process of 80 degrees. 100% free from any chemicals production and adhere to save birdnest's nutrition.

Sky Food Garden Sdn Bhd supports the pursuit of continuous innovation and the quality of the entrepreneurial ideas by bringing people to more convenient fashion consumer, health and superior quality bird's nest. Furthermore, we provide healthy information about birdnest, so that our customers can have a deeper understanding of birdnest with health care benefits.