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Low-Temperature High-Pressure Sterilization

Low-Temperature High-Pressure Sterilization

Why House Nest Can’t Be Canned?

Because the house nest is very soft in nature, hence, after high-temperature sterilization, more than half of the bird’s nest will dissolve, leaving only small amount of valuable nutrition in it.

Three months later, it will completely dissolve into water. With intention to protect the amino acid and the rich nutrition of bird’s nest, we create a low-temperature high-pressure sterilization method. Sterilized of products for 5 minutes at the temperature that rise from 8°C to 80°C.

The temperature distance may cause the bacteria cant adapt to the environment. This method will be repeated twice in order to achieve fully strerilization effect. This method will not only preserve the products for 18 months in room temperature, it maintain the bird’s nest original taste, shape and nutrition as well, especially Sialic Acid.